Self-Perform Work

Self-Performed Services

Maertens-Brenny self-performs a significant part of each of the projects that we do with our in-house workforce. We offer:


From removing flooring and walls to shoring up load-bearing walls – we have the experience, equipment and skilled labor to handle your toughest demolition projects! Then, using our other self-performing capabilities, we can put it back together as fast as we tore it apart.


Our carpenters, laborers, and cement finishers provide first-rate concrete work. Sidewalks, stairs, equipment pads, foundations, floors, curbs, and walls; You name it – we can do it!


We have rough and finish carpenters to handle any of your building and maintenance needs, from building walls to installing door hardware.


Our laborers and masons build and repair structures made of concrete masonry units, brick, clay tile, or stone.  We can lay up new walls, infill old openings, create new openings, and repair cracks.

The Benefits of Self-Performing Our Trades

Our ability to self-perform enables:

  • Better project control: We can easily develop solutions onsite or in design in order to streamline the construction process and give you a project that meets your end-user needs.
  • Closer adherence to schedules: Our early in-house involvement means we can spot challenges earlier which means less delays in the field.
  • Meeting and exceeding quality standards and budgets by influencing early decisions and those made on site for a higher standard of work.
  • Increased Safety Onsite: We hold each tradesperson to a high standard of safety practices.


Maertens-Brenny uses an open book policy that incorporates taking additional bids in the areas we self-perform. This ensures that our clients receive the best service at the best possible price.

Our owners, John and Scott, are involved in every project, providing you with enhanced safety on your project, completion in the shortest timeline allowable, with the accuracy you expect.

Building strong foundations and complex projects

Maertens-Brenny Construction is a general contractor that self-performs concrete, masonry, and carpentry. We specialize in industrial, manufacturing, and commercial projects. Contact us to discuss your project.