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Energy projects are complex projects that can be remote, endure rugged weather conditions, and are logistically challenging. Success is predicated on detailed planning, scheduling, understanding of work conditions, and most of all communication. We have the experience and expertise to ensure a successful energy project delivery. Our teams are ready to manage and build with our own forces your complex energy and utility projects as we head into the future of energy solutions.

Our Projects


Minnkota Power

Milton R. Young Station
  • Center, ND
  • 16,000 SF

About This Project

This $4.4M civil construction foundation project involved pouring over 8,500 cubic yards including an 11-foot thick concrete base for a 550-foot emission stack.  This was a record breaking continuous pour of 6,450 cubic yards; completed within 21 consecutive hours.

The Minnkota Power Milton R. Young Station required a 21-hour continuous concrete pour that we self-performed. This pour set a record at the time for longest continuous pour.

Basin Electric Leland Olds Station

  • Stanton, ND
  • 110,000 SF

About This Project

Scrubber substructures for Units 1 & 2, Stanton, ND.  This $20M civil construction project had strict safety and quality control measures and required diligent coordination to meet the aggressive schedule. All milestone dates in the compressed schedule were achieved. The power station continued operation while the construction of the new scrubbers occurred.  This project included foundations for over 20 different structures, 1,100 concrete piles, 40,000 cubic yards of concrete which included a continuous pour of 3,300 cubic yards, and 1,556 anchor bolts for a total of 32 tons of anchor bolts embedded in concrete. Other aspects of the work include earthwork, underground utilities, relocation of fuel tanks and lines, and underground grounding.

Great River Energy

Coal Creek Station
  • Underwood, ND
  • Various

About This Project

This project consisted of a concrete pour for a new coal dryer facility.  The project included working around main intake fans and pouring a connecting deck between Units 1 & 2.  This $478,000 project consisted of 31,000 sf of 8” reinforced concrete site paving with 750 CY of concrete, 14 tons of reinforcing steel, and 2,700 LF of dowel basket assemblies.  The purchase order for this project was started September 22, 2011 and all paving was to be complete before the onset of winter.  The project was completed in early November, before the onset of colder temperatures; cold weather concrete procedures were followed for the final week of concrete construction.  

Building strong foundations and complex projects

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