About Us

over 35 years of experience

Maertens-Brenny Construction Company is a Commerical/Industrial general contractor and construction management firm who has self-performing capabilities

Maertens-Brenny specializes in commercial and industrial construction and emphasizes professionalism and experience in its project managers and field personnel. Fifty percent (50%) of Maertens-Brenny’s work is bid competitively in the public market, the other 50% being qualification-based negotiated contracts.

The firm is proud that it can self-perform a very significant part of each project with its own work force. The company typically provides:

• Demolition
• Concrete
• Masonry
• Carpentry

The ability to self-perform enables better project control, which provides better adherence to schedules and in meeting/exceeding quality standards and budgets. Yet, Maertens-Brenny uses an open book policy that incorporates taking additional bids in the areas it self-performs to ensure that its’ clients receive the best service value at the best possible price.